Vision Expert Program

Traffic generation is made easy with the EasyScan Vision Expert customer experience in your optical store. Driven by our in store videos and online tools you will be able to offer your customers an entirely new eye care experience. Using EasyScan and its animations will raise awareness on the subjects that really matter for long term excellent vision. A program approach that will lead to satisfied customers returning to your store year after year.

How does the EasyScan Vision Expert program attract and keep customers?

The EasyScan Vision Expert program circles around total eye exams. For a comprehensive eye exam, it is required to examine the back of the eye in addition to the front of the eye. Our toolbox will help to translate images of the back of the eye into meaningful advice and train you and your staff towards new levels of eye care expertise.

Easily improve your business with the innovative camera technology at its core. Different training modules and the surrounding marketing tools ensure that your business will benefit.

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